Do you already have an extensive background in blockchain technology? The CTC is still growing and we’re looking for more teachers and substitute teachers in new cities and current ones alike. Get a head start on the competition by taking our Intro to Cryptocurrency Exam. If you pass the exam we’ll send you a certification of Blockchain Technology Competence in the mail, and you’ll have demonstrated you’re capable of teaching the class if you can get a 85% or above.

Interested in learning more about how to join the CTC as an instructor? Jump down to the Become a Teacher section to learn more about the process.



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Become a teacher

To become a teacher, you’ll need to know the basics of distributed ledger technology backwards and forward, to demonstrate this to us, we recommend taking our intro to Cryptocurrency Exam. If you pass with an 85% or above, you’ll be a candidate for the teaching the class. After this point you’ll want to apply with the “Apply to become a Teacher” on the left. Include your certificate information on the test you took as this will greatly improve your odds of being hired.

Aside from the exam we’re looking for people with a variety of backgrounds in blockchain and most importantly we’re looking for people with passion for this technology. If this still sounds like you, please apply and let us know what interests you in teaching the classes. From there we’ll contact you and you’ll be notified if you fit the criteria for becoming one of our teachers.

Teacher rules

To teach in such a new industry can be tricky. The most complicated reason being that DLT is disruptive to money related institutions, some of which are considered “too big to fail” currently. Additionally, the technology cannot be categorized into a specific industry like the technology sector because the use cases that DLT can create vary as far and wide as the internet itself. That said we believe Blockchain technology will be built into our everyday life in a short amount of time and there will be a time when existing money institutions, banks and others will fight back against this new innovation, but as we’ve seen from history, they are ultimately likely to adopt this technology in the end themselves or go out of business.

With this information it’s important to be cautions of current state and federal law regulating this technology, as simply teaching basic information about it could become regulated in a short amount of time. Teaching basic information on blockchain technology is currently not regulated but if and when it does the CTC will do everything in its power to remain complaint with all state and federal law, which may require federal certification which may be based of our course material. Considering how easily our courses could change due to changes in regulation means that our teachers must remain vigilant and up to date on blockchain events and news.

Teachers must be away of changes to blockchain regulation in other countries as well as many governments pay close attention to the effects of regulation of technologies in other countries as well as their own. This also means teachers may be required to attain some federally recognized certification should it be created. However, this is not likely to be implemented soon at the technology is still being discovered as entrepreneurs discover new protocols and use cases.

Start with courses

If you’re new to distributed ledger technology and want to get the best experience learning everything you can from our professionals, so you can join their ranks, we recommend following our 3-stage program. For a reduce price we bundle everything into one lump sum. This includes entry to all three classes as well as a single attempt on all three exams.

Additional courses for rounding out more specific layers of expertise, such as understanding tax law with crypto currencies, or understanding custom token economics and governance structures may be added in the future. For now, we recommend starting with our three most useful courses for any blockchain professional.

  1. Intro to Cryptocurrency Part 1 & 2
  2. Intro to Cryptocurrency Trading Part 1 & 2
  3. Advanced Cryptocurrency 1 & 2

Additional Courses created later on may not be available in-person in your city, however all classes will also include a digital form for those living in remote places or outside the United States. All classes will have a well delivered version in HD video recorded and uploaded to our online courses page. Online courses will also include a comprehensive FAQ page as well as links to sources cited in class.