The Crypto Training Center Team

CTC Instructors (listed below) and Commmittee Members  not only have business experience but more importantly – Crypto/Blockchain Experience!
From investing to programming – our instructors are here to guide you. Our growing team is here to help you take advantage of the most important technological era since the Internet.

Curriculum Committee

Our committee members utilized all their Crypto/Blockchain experience and knowledge to create a relevant course curriculum and certification exams. CTC courses and exams are routinely monitored to ensure content is up to date in this ever changing space.



Bryan is a San Francisco Bay Area local with deep seeded interest in blockchain technology. He’s a libertarian at heart and happy to speak about how his philosophies got him interested in cryptocurrencies. He’s also a crypto investor and professionally a digital marketer and marketing consultant. Having gotten his start as a Blockchain evangelist in Q4 2016, and he’s since then become a community organizer for events large and small for blockchain companies. Which he does with his own marketing firm, Crypto Marketing, which specializes in helping blockchain technology and event companies get their start. Bryan enjoys every opportunity he gets to teach others about this exciting and revolutionary technology, and how it can decentralize existing power structures and add needed security in almost any industry worldwide.

Krishna Kumar Srivastava

Krishna Kumar SrivastavaKrishna Kumar Srivastava

Krishna is an Engineer and a Management professional, with 7 yrs of management consulting work in the Alternative Energy industry. He began his career in 2008, as a software professional for Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. In 2010, he graduated with a Masters degree in Engineering and Management from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH. He developed an interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology in 2015, seeing the potential ground breaking impacts of DLTs and the evolution of financial and economic designs of various operating structures in the world. Currently residing in Houston, TX, Krishna consults on Blockchain projects and also co-hosts a Blockchain Technology podcast.



Rebecca became involved with crypto in 2014 and began trading cryptocurrencies in 2015. She has a versatile background having worked with several fortune 500 companies. Her diverse experience drove her to become free from the usual work standard. The world of cryptocurrency opened up this path to freedom. In 2016 she co-created one of the first cryptocurrency courses that has reached over 4,000 students in over 120 countries. She enjoys sharing the knowledge and information that has brought her to this point of being a successful crypto trader and teaching others how to do the same for themselves. She lives in San Diego and really enjoys travel, friends & family, and has a passion for music.



Fan is a New Yorker who started trading and investing in stocks in high school. Since then, his portfolio expanded into the forex, commodities, and eventually the cryptocurrency space. Fan also holds an MBA in Finance from Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College. Earlier in his career, he was a Chartered Market Technician, developed and instructed trading courses, and ran a forex advisory firm.

Fan is a proponent of developing new analytical techniques in this Cambrian explosion of big data i.e. quant and also trading. But he is also a disciplined and conservative risk manager when it comes to trading. After being through many market bubbles he believes that there is an opportunity here to trade the nascent crypto market, where the potential gains (and risk) eclipse those seen in the more mature securities markets.

Wadeeha Jackson

Wadeeha JacksonWadeeha Jackson

More info coming soon.



More info coming soon.



Guan is located in Los Angeles. He is a Ph.D candidate in Econometrics and Financial Engineering. As an early adopter to crypto and blockchain, he believes these are something will make a big difference to the world. As a Fintech expert, he is interested in the applications of Blockchain in the finance and business areas. He is also good at sentiment and quantitative analyze with machine learning tools. In his free time, Guan enjoys sports, travel and reading.

Colin MurphyColin Murphy

Based in Orlando, FL, Colin is a crypto and blockchain enthusiast with over 10 years of training design, development, and delivery experience across a broad spectrum of industries. With a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems Design, he has created training programs for small companies to large corporations within the military contracting, banking, asset management, and professional management consulting industries, to name a few. Colin has been in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space since 2016 and created an Anti-money Laundering (AML) Compliance solutions company with his wife, that currently provides compliance management and consulting services for Bitcoin/cryptocurrency ATM operators and companies who offer crypto OTC trading.