The Crypto Training Center is the nation’s premier source for quality in-person and online education for blockchain professionals and newcomers alike. The team behind the CTC is an assortment of professionals across a spectrum of professions, including; software engineers, government trainers, data scientists, cryptographers, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, and more, but most importantly we’re a group of blockchain enthusiasts that want to help move blockchain adoption along.

At the CTC we’re dedicated to providing the best education possible with the most energetic and interesting instructors in the space. We offer three primary classes and soon more specialized classes that teach all of the basic and advance information a blockchain professional will need to know, so we can promise our courses are both very high quality as well as competitively well priced. Keep reading to learn more about us and how we differentiate from anyone else teaching about this nascent technology.


The Crypto Training Center’s core mission is to help fill the inevitable knowledge gap in the understanding of this amazing new technology. During the 90’s and 2000’s thousands of businesses went bankrupt as the .COM internet era took hold. Now who can imagine any business succeeding without having a website or digital presence. In years to come accepting crypto currencies is predicted to become the standard for businesses as individuals begin to place higher value on anonymity, privacy, immutability and scarcity.

Our mission at CTC is to help business both large and small adapt to this new era of decentralized money. Understanding how and why cryptocurrencies are so revolutionary can elude many, which is why we’ve developed a curriculum that helps students’ piece together the fundamentals to draw a larger picture of the usefulness and relevance of blockchain technology and avoid being left in the dust.



We believe people still thrive best in face to face environments, thus we’ve developed the world’s first and most comprehensive classroom-style education curriculum for aspiring blockchain professionals, investors and business owners. We know blockchain is here to stay and it’s just a matter of time before universities begin teaching classes on the subject, many professors of which will be taught by our instructors at the CTC.
Blockchain technology has many use cases and one of them can also be decentralized education, of which we are on the forefront. The Crypto Training Center is going to use it’s own blockchain to log enrollment and completion of courses as well as it’s exams.
Come experience the future of blockchain technology in more ways that than one while participating in CTC courses.


Quality is an ever-present attribute in all things you can buy, education notwithstanding. To be transparent and informative on the kind of education you can gain from our courses we allow all our students to write assessments on their experience in the classes as well as from our online classes. We want to inform anyone considering our classed with real peer reviews of what other students thought of the class and why. See our peer assessments page to see what our students say about us.


Some individuals thrive best then they can set their own schedule and space out their class room time when they like, as well as having the ability to relisten to a presentation multiple times definitely has it’s own advantages, thus we have a online version of all the courses we offer. This grants our students the freedom they need to learn when they want from where ever they want. Our online classes are also offered in multiple formats, recordings, and live broadcasts which include the same materials that’s offered in our in-person classes.


Learning about blockchain technology doesn’t have to be boring, understanding its full potential can be exciting and if you have the right teacher. The CTC only looks for the best teachers with the passion to drive our students to engage and learn everything they need to know to become knowledgeable experts in distributed ledger technology. In addition to driving our students to gain an appreciation for the class material we also want our students to become leaders in their field. Becoming early adopters can have several benefits and we see it’s only a matter of time before people start seeking specific vendors our simply because they accept a specific crypto currency. Taking classes with the Crypto Training Center is the best guarantee of getting a quality education on this fascinating new technology so you can become a blockchain expert at your business.

Mike Megidio has over 20 years in the technology space and Masters in Education


Mike started Crypto Training Center for a few reasons but mainly because he noticed there is a knowledge gap in the Crypto Industry that needed to be filled. When he first entered the space in 2013, he would have to spend an enormous amount of time researching for more knowledge with no assurance of its accuracy.

Mike has over 20 years in the technology space, Certified Bitcoin Expert and a Masters in Education, which has allowed him to be well qualified and comfortable in this endeavor. He is determined to provide the highest quality and respected instruction in the crypto industry with the hopes it will provide much needed knowledge to all.